Reflective consumption


Figure 1. Teresa showing Sirpa how the ‘half-made’ mittens are stitched together.

As part of our on-going activities to explore design’s role in creating new ‘value propositions’ for emergent enterprise models, we ran a three day Pop-Up Shop in Lahti, Finland. We explored the potential of  Open Fashion Design, where designers and consumers converse, cut, experiment and stitch together to co-create unique clothing and wearables. This is a project of Mode Uncut, the Open Fashion Design Network. The full story is here.

The ‘shoppers’ who came to participate in the Pop-Up (Work)Shop were the ‘early adopters’, the enthusiasts who immediately see the benefits of working alongside experienced designers and seamstresses (Figure 1), and who see the value of putting time into making their own unique ‘fashion’ (Figures 2 & 3).


Figure 2. A delighted Sirpa showing her nearly finished gloves.


Figure 3. The unique gloves! Note the cuff detail, spontaneously designed by Sirpa.

While it was a succesful experiment, the big challenge is to attract the mass market…and for that we have only just begun testing the possibilities. There seems to be huge potential to consider ‘opening up’ design well beyond fashion….what about furniture, lighting, textiles, electronics….We will keep you posted!

AFL, 06.02.2014


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