The Open Fashion Design Pop-Up Shop

The Open Fashion Design Pop-Up Shop, 30. Jan – 1. Feb 2014, Lahti, Finland

 We are welcoming designers, sellers and participants from the 30th Jan. – 1st Feb. 2014 to the first Open Fashion Design Pop-up shop!

It is a project of ‘MODE UNCUT – The Open Fashion Design Network. The pop-up shop for Open Fashion Design concepts and products will be open for 3 days: 10am-4pm, at Luovat, Kulmakatu 5 in Lahti, Finland. During this time designers and makers can enjoy working and designing with customers and other designers. Designers can see how users define and finish products and gain better understanding of users’ needs. In the pop-up shop you can experience a closer consumer-designer relationship, and its opportunities.

There will be for example a service design studio, to redesign and customize existing garments, there will be half-way garments to be finished by customers and many other opportunities to design unique garments in a joyful atmosphere and with the help of experienced designers.

If you would like to join us a designer, seller or participant please sign up via email:

Feel free to circulate this PDF Invite with interested designers or shoppers as well.



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