Seminar: Mapping Alternative Fashion Economies

HalfWay Fashion invites you to join our seminar/workshop:

04. 12. 2013, 10am-3pm, Aalto ARTS, Mediafactory, Hämmentie 135A, Helsinki


From passive overconsumption to active co-creation. 

This seminar aims to inspire fashion and other designers and design students to explore opportunities outside the predominant economic structures of the current fashion system. A series of stimulating presentations will help understanding the potential business opportunities of participatory design approaches to move towards active co-creation with the user. During the workshop we will create and map ideas for alternative fashion economies.


10.00 – 12.00 Seminar: Exploring activism in sustainable fashion design.

12.00 – 13.00 Light lunch and Coffee provided

13.00 – 15.00 Workshop: Together we develop a map of alternative fashion economies.


Prof. Alastair Fuad-Luke (Emerging Design Practices) – Alternative Economies, Active co-creation, Open Design, Open Value Propositions, IP & cc…

Anja-Lisa Hirscher (MA Creative Sustainability & Make{able}) – Fashion Overconsumption, HalfWay, New Relationships: Designer – Producer- Consumer – example: Make{able}, Open Fashion Design applications


Essi Karell (MA Fashion Design) – Planned continuity, Modular Clothing Design


Creating alternative VPs based on the participants ideas and ‘live-mapping’ them into the new system of open design, production & consumption models – below: example Make{able} Workshops:

Models of Consumption and Production4

Sign up via:

Feel free to share this invitation. Download the program and invite here: INVITATION_Seminar_4.12


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