Koulu-Festival 24.-26.8.: Open peer-learning

For most people, the word ‘school’ might evoke rather bad memories of childhood years wasted within the confines of classroom walls, being taught by frustrated teachers about all the things in the world we would never need again for “real life” as adults. In about two weeks, a 3-day-peer-learning festival named ‘Koulu’ (i.e. school) is going to take place in a former mental hospital in Helsinki to likely prove otherwise.

From the event’s website:

‘Koulu (i.e. ‘school’) is a festival for peer-learning. What if everyone you knew came to one place to teach something they know well? At once, you might have the chance to learn anything from illustration to arranging block parties, public speaking or reducing your carbon footprint. What would you teach? Everyone has skills and knowledge that others want to learn. That’s why Demos Helsinki and Helsinki Festival put on Koulu (i.e. ‘School), a carnival of sharing skills and knowledge, on 24–26 August 2012. For one weekend we will take over a derelict mental hospital in Helsinki to learn from each other. Koulu is organised by Demos Helsinki and Helsinki Festival and supported by Aalto University and Sitra. It’s free for teachers and their friends. If you don’t dare to teach yourself or don’t have time to do so, you can buy a ticket at the door or in Lippupalvelu.’

You can get more info on classes and the event from the koulu-website. Let’ see how passion and free and voluntary access to knowledge will change the experience of learning!

KM, 7.8.2012.


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