Urban Acupuncture

Urban Acupuncture is an urban strategy using the metaphor of acupuncture points for small-scale city-interventions that have the potential to revitalize the energy flow of a city (the ‘qi’ or life energy). The city is viewed as a living organism that need to be healed – opposed to big-scale urban renewal projects requiring huge amounts of investment, the micro-interventions enable citizen to participate in the urban development on a small scale, presenting a win-win situation for both citizen-activists as municipalities short of money. The Finnish architect Marco Casagrande founded this school of thought, which is developed further at the independent research centre Ruin Academy in Taiwan. The theory is a good methodology for literally pinning down the ‘acupuncture points’ within a city to articulate problem-spaces and find creative solutions for them. What would be the point of your choice?

KM, 3.5.2012.

Image credits:
M. Casagrande, Urban Acupuncture map on the wall of the Ruin Academy.
M. Casagrande, Taipei Organic Acupuncture.


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